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Introduction to Bounty Multi-Table Tournaments

Pokerrrr2 is proud to announce that we’re beginning to offer bounty multi-table tournaments (MTTs), one of the most popular and fun ways to enjoy poker. In this variant on the classic MTT, a portion of each person’s buy-in is put as a price on their head. When you knock someone out of the tournament, then you get their bounty in chips.

As a refresher, a MTT is a poker tournament with many players who each begin with a certain amount of chips. Since there’s so many players, they simultaneously play at multiple tables. Then, once enough people lose, the winners from each table come

together at another table to keep the game going. We repeat this process until we reach the final table and crown a winner.

Bounty MTTs are longer, tougher, and require a different strategy than sit-n-go tournaments, cash games, or even regular MTTs. Here’s your cheat-sheet to Bountty MTT strategy.

Play to Win

The most important thing to keep in mind during an MTT is your goal: you’re there to win the tournament. Many players just want to make it past the first table, win their buy-in back, or even make the final table, but that’s not the right mindset.

The prizes are heavily weighted to the top players, especially the winners, so you always want to shoot for the W. This means you can’t play passively, wait for good cards, and hope to get lucky.

You need to think about your momentum. Keep winning chips. Double up your stack. As people get knocked out, more chips become concentrated in the big stacks. In order to compete, you need to build a stack with good momentum.

This is especially true when you can collect bounties. This incentivizes players to go all-in more often because they want to knock other people out. You’ll have no choice but to get aggressive and try to win those bounties if you want to take home the prize.

Take Risks

This means you’ll have to take risks. Poker tournaments are really hard to win, especially when there’s so many players, and even the best players rarely win. However, when they do win, its because they built a stack and took risks.

Go all in. Make a big bluff. Get aggressive. Play more pots. You have to be willing to lose the tournament if you ever want to win it. Make courageous plays and knock people out for their bounties!

This doesn’t mean that you should do stupid things. Play solid poker, trust your instincts, and look for the right spots. The important thing to keep in mind is that when the opportunity comes, you need to strike.

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