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What is Pokerrrr?

Pokerrrr is a free mobile gaming software application for social card gaming enthusiasts who enjoy playing poker with their friends or poker club members.

This application reduces your need for cards, chips, tables, and manual game records while providing you and your table of poker players, the ability to play the game anytime, anywhere.


Pokerrrr is catered to users' needs and feedback, and the team has, across the years, committed to providing the most accurate & realistic poker experience. Today, players can enjoy a series of the world’s most popular poker game formats including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, OFC, 7 Card Stud and much more. Single-table, and Multi-table tournaments are available for all these games.

Playing on Pokerrrr is virtually identical to playing cards in a real casino, giving you the option to play with your friends only or through the public gaming space. 

Experience real poker on a virtual platform today!


Pokerrrr was created by Mondraw Limited. The founder has put a team together of a group industry professionals and started from the ground up.


Mondraw team has a strong passion for mobile applications and poker, particularly for social gaming and allowing friends, clubs and casual gamers to play the game across the world.

As serious poker players, the team was motivated to start an application that would satisfy the needs of millions of poker players worldwide. Pokerrrr was born to provide the ultimate virtual solution for people who demand a high standard poker app that looks, feels and plays like the real thing.

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