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Frequently Asked Questions

Host Games

How do I host a rebuy multi-table tournament?

1. 'Host' from either your club or the main menu. 2. Select the 'MTT' tab.
3. Choose the level of 'Rebuy Period'.
4. The rebuy button will be shown until the designated level ends. For example: level 10 with 5 mins per level. = 10 x 5 mins. = 50 mins rebuy time.

How do I host multiple games at the same time?

1. Host your first game, from here you can tap "Leave". 2. "Keep" allows the game will continue running for all other players. 3. From here you can host your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th game simultaneously.

How can I assign table manager(s)?

1. Start your club game; only club games can assign table managers.

2. Once you've hosted a club game, tap 'Assign Manager'.
3. Select the member(s) you wish to manage that game.

How much does it cost to host games?

Hosting games charges gold (Pokerrrr's in-game currency).
1. Non-tournament games charge 6 ~ 9 gold per hour.

2. Tournament games charge gold per game. The amount is calculated using a formula based on the following variables: a) Starting Chips. b) Interval. c) Number of tables. d) Buy-in Ticket. e) Late Registration level. f) Rebuy Period level.

How do I host a game and invite friends to join?

1. Select "Friend Game" category, then select "Host Game". 2. Choose the game type you wish to host. 3. Adjust settings of the game as how you like it to be (the settings may effect the service charge of the game). 4. Once pressed "Host", you will receive an unique game code where you can share with your friends to join the game. All players can select desired seat.

Join Games

Can I play Pokerrrr 2 with random players?

Yes, there's a "Play Now" tab in Pokerrrr 2 that allows you to match and join a challenge game with global players.

Can I queue for a table once it's full?

Yes, provided that the host has turned on queueing.
Your buy-in will need to be approved if buy-in confirmation is turned on. After your buy-in is approved you will be added to the queue.

How can I join my friend's game?

Once your friend has hosted a game, they'll be given a "Game Code".

After they send you the Game Code you can enter it after tapping "Join Game".

Game Rules

What is the maximum number of games I can host?

Up to five games at a time can be hosted after upgrading to Ruby VIP.

Without upgrades, players can only host one game (Regular, SNG or MTT) at a time.

Does the host have to play?

No. The host can opt to sit out if he or she wishes.

What happens if I'm disconnected or absent during action time?

If you were present at the start of action time, and then disconnected, you will be granted an additional 20 seconds action time.

However, if you are absent or not connected at the start of action time, you will immediately check-fold.

What's the difference between a club game and non-club game?

Club game: Only club memebers may join. Non-club game: Anyone with the game code can join.

What does Buy-in confirmation do?

Players who want to sit at the table will need to be approved by host or table manager.

What control does a table manager have?

a) Shuffle & Deal. b) Pause game. c) Terminate game. d) Confirm or reject buy-in requests. e) Adjsut the game settings, including: game length, blinds and tips.

How is "hit and run" prevented?

If a player leaves the able and rejoins, they will need to buy-in for exactly the same amount that they left with - no more, no less.

What is our Anti-Abuse Policy?

The Anti-Abuse Policy was released to help combat potential inappropriate use of our service.

Please see our Anti-Abuse Policy:

What’s the rules for 4-card PLO?

4-card PLO, short for Pot-Limit Omaha, and is somewhat similar to Hold'em in the way the game is played. Omaha is a "flop" game that uses community cards, similar to Hold’em. However, in Omaha players are dealt with four hole cards, and players must choose two of their hole cards to go along with three of the five community cards in order to make their five-card poker hands.

What’s the rules for OFC?

In OFC (Open-Face Chinese poker), all players will take turns drawing cards from a single deck, trying to make the best possible hand. There are no bets placed in the game and the game is scored in points. All players will be arranging 13 cards into three hands, “top, middle and bottom”. The three hands will be compared between each players and compared as regular poker hands. Royalties for Bottom/Middle/Top hand: Your chips will only be deducted until the game is done, which means if you leave in the middle of the game, your chips won’t be deducted at the moment you left but after the entire game is over.

What’s R.O.E.?

Round Of Each (R.O.E.) is a game type that rotates between NL Hold’em and 4-card PLO in each round. A round is defined when every player has been assigned to dealer position one-time in each game type.

Manage Clubs

How do I setup a club?

1. In the Club tab, hit the plus icon. 2. "Create" and name your club. 3. After members join you will be able to assign club manager(s) - dictating who can host games.

Furthermore, the Messages & Games tabs show all your club's private messages and game records. You can also easily track chips won/lost for each club member by tapping the calculator icon.

How can I assign club managers?

1. Select your club's information icon. 2. Tap the orange dotted box. 3. Promote from member to manager, or from manager to owner.

How can I allow other club members to host games?

1. Select your club's information icon.
2. Tap "Edit". 3. Choose from the 3 options of status required to host games:
a) Owner: Only owners may host.
b) Manager: Both managers & owners may host.
c) Member: Any member may host.


Is there any chance of rigged cards or biases towards players?

No. The random shuffling and drawing of the cards cannot be influenced by anyone.

Where are Pokerrrr's servers located?

Our servers are located worldwide.

How are the cards shuffled?

A standard poker deck of 52 cards are shuffled using the highest standard of shuffling algorithm as of 2018. PT. Farm Entertainment, the owner of the Pokerrrr app, has been awarded a random number generator (RNG) certification by an independent third-party known as Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). This Certificate of Integrity lets us say with confidence that our players are getting the best poker experience on the web. Because so many decisions in poker depend on calculating equity based on odds, we take this issue very seriously so that you can maximize your edge and play real poker. Cards are shuffled in a random order. They’re then drawn & given to each seat in the order they’ve been shuffled. The shuffling algorithm has no knowledge about poker hands or players it’s dealing to. The players and results are determined separately once the hand is complete. You can view the certification here.

How secure is our service?

A player's hole cards are dealt to their device only. No other devices will be able to receive the information of their cards until the hand is shown down.

How can I use the same account on different devices?

You have to sync your guest account (you want to use on other devices) with facebook then you can use the facebook synced account on different devices.

How do I switch the Facebook account linked to my Pokerrrr account?

1. Sign into the Facebook account you no longer wish to have linked Pokerrrr 2. 2. Click "Settings" in the upper right. 3. In the menu on the left side, click Apps to open App Settings. 4. Locate Pokerrrr 2 on the list and then select it. 5. Click on Remove to remove the app. 6. Sign out of the first Facebook account. 7. Sign into the Facebook account you wish to link to Pokerrrr 2. 8. Return to Pokerrrr 2. 9. Tap the gear icon in the middle-right corner. 10. Tap facebook Login. 11. Follow the prompts to approve the connection to the desired Facebook account.

Can I find out certain player’s information that I played with?

Unfortunately that we cannot reveal any player's information to any 3rd party due to strict user privacy policy. You may turn on the buy-in confirmation or host game in the club to ensure all players are your friends in the future.

Can I retrieve my account if my device has been reset?

Should you not link your guest account with Facebook or any third party account provided upon entering the app, unfortunately we won’t be able to retrieve the account for you should they been erased. Please note, the only and safest way to secure your account is to link with Facebook (or Apple ID) to ensure you can retrieve the desired account should you switch device or wish to use different device with the same account.

Pokerrrr 2 System Requirements

The minimum and recommended system specifications for Pokerrrr 2 are below. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Pokerrrr 2 may change over time. - iOS 10.0 or later - Android 5.0 (Lollipop) / Fire OS 5.0 or later


What do I use gold for?

Gold is our in game currency, it can be used to: a) Host games - 6 gold per hour. b) Export game records - 1 gold per export. c) Buy chips in Challenge (chips can also be won from other players): - 2 gold for 2,000 chips. - 20 gold for 22,000 chips. d) Purchase our instore items: - 3 hour pass for 8 gold. - Game Records (30 days) for 18 gold. - VIP package (30 days) for 90 gold.

How do I refer my friend to receive 10 bonus gold?

1. You will receive 10 bonus gold for every friend new to Pokerrrr 2.

2. Your friend needs to be a new player, you can not receive gold if your friend has already logged in:
a) as a guest. b) through Facebook.

3. Select the setting icon. 4. Tap the "Get 10 Free gold" and copy your referral code. 5. Get your friend to log in Pokerrrr 2 through Facebook. 6. Ask your friends to enter your referral code in the "enter referral code." 7. You will get rewarded after your friend connects through Facebook and can be claimed every 4 hours per invite in the message icon.

What do I do if I haven't receive the gold I paid for?

This can happen due to the connection between the server and the App Store / Google play, which you have nothing to worried about! Follow the below steps to provide us with the requsted information for your query to be resolved as soon as possible. 1. Provide us with your 5-digit player ID. Your player ID can be found by clicking on your name tag in the app, you can take a screenshot of the account page where we can see the 5-digits. 2. Provide us with the scresnshot of the purchase receipt sent from App Store or Google Play so we can furtehr confirm the transaction. Please be advised, we don't accept bank statement as it is hard for us to determine if the purchase was made for Pokerrrr 2, also we won't be able to view the purchase ID which can cause a delay on your issue to be resolved. Once all the above information is provided, we will review it and take action for the reimbursement to be funded back to your Pokerrrr 2 account.

Can I transfer gold/chip to different account or send to my friend as as gift?

Currently gold/chip transferring between accounts is unavailable.

Game Records

How do I export game records as a csv file?

To export a single game result:
1. Open the Record tab.
2. Tap the game record you want. 3. 'Export'. 4. Email yourself the csv file. 5. Open the email that you sent yourself while exporting the records. 6. Find the attached csv file and download it. ----- To export a summary of multiple game results:
1. Open the Record tab. 2. Tap the calculator icon in the top right. 3. Tick the game records you wish to export. 4. 'Pay Off'. 5. 'Export'.
6. Email yourself the csv file. 7. Open the email that you sent yourself while exporting the records. 8. Find the attached csv file and download it.

How do I import my csv file to Google Sheets?

1. Open a new Google Spreadsheet, select "File", then "Import". 2. Upload your csv file. 3. Select "Custom". Type in ";" (a semicolon).
4. Select "Import data".

How long will my game records last?

Due to the amount of the game records generated on a daily basis, all game records would only last for 90 days in our system. Make sure to export the records before they become unavailable!

Tournament Rules

When does hand-for-hand play start in a MTT?

Hand-for-hand play starts when players are eqaul to 10 and ends after the final table is confirmed in a multi-table tournament.

When does the rebuy period get cut-off in MTT?

For 18 or 36 players:
The rebuy period cuts off once two players are left.
For 90 players:
The rebuy period cuts off once the final table starts.

The rebuy period will also end after the designated level set by the host.

When does the late registration get cut-off in MTT?

Late registration cut-off works the same to the rebuy cut-off period.

For 18 or 36 players:
Late registration cuts off once two players are left.

For 90 players:
Late registration cuts off once the final table starts.

Late registration will also end after the designated level set by the host.