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Why Pokerrrr Is The Best Poker App

Introduction We understand that it is tough to choose an application with the overwhelming choice at the App Store and Google Play. There is a bunch of other applications that also claim to let you can play poker with your friends. Continue reading if you want to know why Pokerrrr2 could your best choice.

Unique Feature #1: Poker With Friends

Pokerrrr has been designed entirely for users to play poker with a group their friends. It is not just a phrase we throw in to gain popularity, it is the heart and soul of the application.

You may ask, "Why should I use an application to play poker with my friends?" Well, effort and preparation is required if you want to setup a great home environment to play poker with your friends. These hassles can include: group transportation, chip and card handling, re-enforcing of the game rules, providing quality poker tables and chairs, and reserving a large enough area to play poker.

Unless you are experienced with hosting poker games, it is worth using an application. It will make the whole experience smooth and easy for you and your friends.

Playing with your friends will also reinforce the competitive spirit between more so than playing with random players. You will get to know your friends poker behaviours on a deep level from playing with them constantly. Poker with your friends is an ideal environment maximising your rate of learning. If you have friends who you regularly play poker with, you are probably in the perfect environment to become a great poker player.

Playing poker with friends at home

If that is not enough, the newly released feature "Challenge" allows you to take on random players. When you combine this feature with Pokerrrr2's regular function of hosting games, it becomes one of the most versatile poker applications in the world.

Unique Feature #2: Game Records

We take your poker game records seriously. Whether you are playing casual club, or professional league, it's crucial to have all your in-game records - accurately calculating the amount of chips won or lost.

The applications’s in-game record keeping will give you comprehensive data on every player that has played on your table; this finally puts an end to all those arguments you have between you and your friends over miscalculations.

Game records of all games played in a poker club

We also know that managing all the players in your club can be overwhelming. This is particularly true for poker hosts running larger clubs.

You can export all your players' records as a CSV file, allowing you to manage the data easier. From here you can work with Excel or Google Sheets to clearly display your club's data.

Unique Feature #3: Constant User Feedback

Our team is dedicated to constantly adapting to our users' feedback.

Over several years Pokerrrr has been evolving, and it has been entirely off honest feedback. For this reason the application really does keep getting better and better, because it is giving users exactly what they want.

Pokerrrr’s CEO, Todd, personally addresses each and every request made by our users.

After new ideas are initialised, our Pokerrrr team discusses how it could improve our applications user interface and experience. Constantly going through this process creates an application solely built around what poker players want.

How Pokerrrr's team makes the best possible app based off user feedback

Some of the recent features implemented include:

  • Round Of Each (R.O.E.), a popular Hold'em and PLO variation in Europe.

  • Exporting game records as a csv file. This is essential for poker hosts that need to have clear records of all their the members inside their club.

  • Run It Twice as an in-game feature. When going "All-in" you and your opponents will be able to run the cards twice, giving both of you a second chance.

  • Straddle as an in-game feature. Straddle is a great way to put pressure on your opponents, especially when you're "Chip leader".

  • Time Bank as an in-game feature; a button that grants players an additional ten seconds action time. It can be used up to 3 times per game.

(Note: Run It Twice, Straddle and Time Bank can be switched on or off before game starts.)

Here is some of the recent feedback from the App Store - a result of Pokerrrr carefully adjusting to user feedback over the last several years.

5 star review from App Store. "The best poker site ever"
5 star review from App Store. "Best app on apple store"
5 star review from App Store. "Is the best poker apps with friends"

Unique Feature #4 (Bonus): Real Life Poker Gestures

Pokerrrr has unique, realistic and straightforward controls, resulting in a superior user interface when comparing it with other applications on the market.

Take pokerstars.com for example: There is no doubt that it's a great tool for online poker players; however, it does not provide the realistic gestures that you would use at a real poker table. The interface is only about clicking one of the three option available: "Fold", "Call" and "Raise To".

The same drawbacks apply for Zynga Poker and WSOP .

You could be a great online player, but your mannerisms may adapt poorly to a real life poker game due to the habit of only using mouse gestures. Thankfully, this won't be an issue when playing Pokerrrr2 since it uses accurate gestures like a real life poker game. Final Note

I recommend not taking our word for Pokerrrr being the best application. Instead, you should download and compare a bunch of the top poker applications (like WSOP, Pokerstars, Pokerrrr2 and Zynga Poker) to see the best poker application for yourself.

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