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3 Most Impressive Female Poker Players In 2018

Professional female poker players have been on the rise in the last decade. However, I am going to guess that there is definitely more men poker players on your newsfeed than women.

Obviously women deserve more recognition than they are currently receiving in poker. In this post I will list three players we feel deserve more props.

1. Annette Obrestad won a WSOP bracelet when she was 18 years old, making her the youngest bracelet winner ever. She is Norwegian, and has been playing online poker since she was 15. She has used nothing but her online free-roll tournament winnings to fund her entire poker career. using only. Recently she has reached 4 million dollars in tournament winnings which is the fourth largest winner ever among female poker players.

2. Liv Boeree has a whopping 3.3 million in tournament winnings. Liv was ranked number one female poker player in 2015, and all time fifth best female poker player ever. She also has a degree in physics. She has accomplished all of this while looking stunning.

It has been fantastic watching Charlie Charrel, Daniel Negreanu and Liv play with movie star Kevin Hart on Pokerstars Championship Cash Challenge.

3. Maria Ho was born in Taiwan and grew up in the US. The girl has won over 2.3 million, and has also had cash-outs in 45 WSOPs. Even now in early 2018, she is participating in tournaments all over the world, including Europe & Asia. It is clear that her career is not slowing down, but rather still continuing to grow even after more than a decade in the poker scene.

Maria has also been involved in magazines including Poker Pro, Bluff and Los Vegas; furthermore she has been involved in multiple televisions shows including a host for NBC Sports.


Pokerrrr has seen an increase in the percentage of female poker players in the last two years; we are anticipating this percent to continue to increase into the future.

It is fortunate that poker is a game where there is no fixed salary. This allows the gender discrimination between ladies and men to be removed, creating a truly even playing field.

Now with poker streams on YouTube and Twitch showing a higher "female to male ratio", we believe this will encourage other ladies to join and inevitably become closer to a "one to one ratio" in poker community.

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