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Introduction To Queueing System

Hello, Pokerrrr 2 players. Today we have a very big update: we are introducing a queueing system! You will now be able to approve your players’ buy-ins and queue them in the correct order before they sit down at the table. You will need to switch on Queue in the game settings before hosting.

Once you have opened your table and all the seats are filled, other players may want to queue up to play at your table. Let’s say three players request to join your table. You will be able to approve or disapprove of their buy-ins before they are added to the queue. In this case, all three players are buying-in for 800 each. After you approve of their buy-ins, they will be added to the queue.

Once seats open up, the first in the queue will be notified and given up to 90 seconds to sit down. Being able to pre-approve all of your players’ buy-ins saves a lot of time. You will be able to get all your buy-in approval done at once instead of needing to approve them one by one.

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