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Micro-stakes is Pokerrrr's new feature, and one that has been requested by many of our players for a long time. This feature was released for home game players to further enjoy Pokerrrr with their friends. We strive to emulate the poker home game group environment as closely as possible, and we know many of you guys are used to playing with smaller denominations, making this an important add-on.

The micro-stakes feature will now allow the minimum bet to be one 100th of a chip (kind of like comparing one cent with one dollar). The tip box will also be able to simulate a fraction of a chip instead of having to round up or down to the nearest chip, allowing for the most accurate and fair tip boxes possible

We realize not everyone likes the idea of being able to deal in tiny increments such as micro-stakes. So we have allowed this: the ability to switch the micro-stake units on or off in the game settings (before hosting the game).

To do this you will see the “Chip Unit” option in the pregame settings. There is a switch next to it allowing you to select from “1” or “0.01”. This way, all the pokerrrrers can play in a way that best suit their needs. Happy dealing with pokerrrr. :)

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