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Anti-Abuse Policy - Aug 14th 2018

Pokerrrr will be releasing new rules to help prevent clubs from being able to conduct illegal activity. Specifically, the Anti-Abuse Policy aims to combat inappropriate gambling abuse from happening on our service, and to create a more wholesome environment for poker players in the long-term.

Our main focus is on improving the environment for our players to only play poker with their friends. We are moving towards building a stronger Pokerrrr community and hope that our players can understand these changes.

The following Anti-Abuse Policy regulations will be effective before the 15th of August, 2018:

1. Players/clubs who are caught receiving inappropriate financial benefit will be banned for some features, and also possibly have their hosting abilities temporarily/permanently suspended.

2. Clubs can each only run a maximum of 10 games for each game type(tourney, regular game and ofc) and the maximum concurrent game should be less than 10 simultaneously.

3. Clubs will be limited to a maximum of 2,000 members.

4. All clubs will be set to private. Public clubs may be setup, but first the owner must send a request to contact@pokerrrrapp.com for approval.

After further consideration, Pokerrrr has decided to modify the Anti-Abuse Policy with these updated set of rules. (Updated 14th Oct, 2019)

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