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Introducing Live Clock

Next time you invite your friends over for a game of cards, you can use Pokerrrr’s new Live Clock feature to manage and run your very own poker tournament. This latest feature lets you easily host a tournament by giving you access to a professional tournament clock in your pocket!

Once you open the Pokerrrr 2 app, start by hitting the “Private” button at the bottom menu. Then, once you press the “Host Game” chip, click the “Live Clock” button and confirm.

This will bring you to a Game Settings menu that you can use to customize your game to fit your preferences. Start by choosing a tournament structure based on how long you want to play. For instance, the Ultrasonic mode keeps everyone’s stacks short and uses short intervals for each level, while the Deep structure, on the other hand, gives everyone a big stack and allows for longer levels. You can also customize the starting chips and intervals for the perfect game.

From there, you can also choose whether you want to program in breaks. You can also set a participant level, buy-in tickets, and guaranteed total prize. Of course, you can’t forget the prize plan!

Wrap things up by setting a rebuy period, rebuy limit, and total add-ons that you’ll allow in the game. Once you’ve got everything squared away, simply hit the “Host” button at the bottom to get the party started.

From there, Pokerrrr will generate a unique URL for your game. Go to that URL on your big screen to show the tournament timer so that everyone can see it.

Now all that’s left is pressing start and dealing the cards!

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