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How to Limp Re-Raise

Even though we have some default ‘rules’ for playing good poker, like not limping and not slow-playing big hands, there are always exceptions to rules. Let’s talk about when it may be a good idea to limp re-raise and how to pull it off.

First off, remember that limping refers to calling pre-flop in an unopened pot. If the big blind is 50 chips, for instance, then simply calling that 50 chips is a limp.

Here’s the play. You have a pocket pair, something even as strong as aces or kings, and, rather than opening like you normally would, you decide to limp into the pot. Then, if someone else raises, you make a 3-bet when the action comes back to you.

Accept the Risk

The first thing that you need to accept when entering a pot like this is that you may end up playing a small pot with your premium hand. After all, if nobody else raises, then you won’t have an opportunity to re-raise.

So, before you try this move, accept the fact that your plan may not work out. You’re going to need to keep your cool. Just focus on the game, don’t think negative thoughts, and continue to play optimal poker.

Still, since you want to re-raise these hands, you should pick your spots wisely. If there’s a maniac at your table who keeps raising almost every hand, then you’ve got a pretty

good shot. Your odds are even better if there’s multiple maniacs.

Don’t try this move when everybody at the table just limps in all the time.

Bet the Flop

If you do limp re-raise and get called, then you almost always want to bet the flop. This is because your perceived range is so strong that your continuation bets will almost always work.

Most people will put you on a hand like aces, kings, queens, or AK. That means that your range contains plenty of over-pairs on most boards, as well as sets, straights, and better.

This will also help you figure out if you’re beat. If they call your continuation bet and you don’t have anything, then you should probably hit the breaks and get ready to give up the hand.


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