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Patch 4.8.11 Notes

Mission Update…

Attention Agents! The Bureau has refined the environment in this new installment. We have an upgrade on our rebuy function so our agent can rebuy twice with one click in addition to another upgrade on Ruby VIP that you can now hold 350 game records! We also made some UI refreshments like change how chips display and a brand new animation when PRR goes up for our fellow agents out there.

Ready to Pokerrrr with other fellow agents? See you at the Field Office’s Tables!


  • Upgraded Rebuy function - player can now rebuy twice at a time!

  • Upgraded Ruby VIP max. game record.

  • New way to display chips.

  • New Animation when PRR goes up.

  • Chatbox in Global Pokerrrr Challenge will no longer spam.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed multiple Agent 侍 related bugs and minor bugs.

Remember to link the account to Facebook and Apple to save the records!

We understand there is a risk of erasing the Guest account when updating patches. Please link the accounts before updating the app for data protection. We will not be able to retrieve the account if the account is erased.

For more information, please visit https://www.pokerrrrapp.com/.


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