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Patch 4.8.8 Notes

Have you ever wondered if you made a good fold or not? The Bureau is here to save the day with the Rabbit Hunting feature in the private games! In the newest patch, agents can now Rabbit Hunt to see if you would have made the hit or not at the end of each round. In addition, we have also added the auto-reload feature and made a refreshing upgrade on the look of the information page to the private games in this patch.

Ready to conquer the table with your buddies? See you at the Field Office’s Tables.


  • Added Rabbit Hunting in private games.

  • Added auto-reload in private games.

  • Upgrade the interface for the private game information page.

Bugs Fixed

  • Minor bugs fixed.

Remember to link the account to Facebook and Apple to save the records!

We understand there is a risk of erasing the Guest account when updating patches. Please link the accounts before updating the app for data protection. We will not be able to retrieve the account if the account is erased.

For more information, please visit https://www.pokerrrrapp.com/.


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