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Patch 4.9.8 Notes

New year, new start. Making every effort counts!

Celebrating a new beginning with powerful luck collector - Lunar Year Bundle 2022! In the Year of Tiger, you shall be brave, competitive, and confident. The tiger is also seen as a sign of good luck and may the luck follows you at the table!


  • Wishing you luck for the "Tiger" year! Lunar New Year bundle 2022 is now available!

  • New design for the public tournament interface.

  • Optimized mission page interface.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix minor bugs.

There is always more to come in the future. New game types and missions are raging to you. Get prepared and get ready!

Remember to link the account to Facebook and Apple to save the records!

We understand there is a risk of erasing the Guest account when updating patches. Please link the accounts before updating the app for data protection. We will not be able to retrieve the account if the account is erased.

For more information, please visit https://www.pokerrrrapp.com/.


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