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Poker Legends: Huck Seed

The newest addition to the Poker Hall of Fame, joining in the class of 2020, is Huckleberry Seed, known better by his nickname Huck. Despite his calm demeanor, soft spoken baritone voice, and chill attitude, this guy is a menace at the poker table. He’s won four World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, has total live earnings totaling to nearly 8 million, and is no stranger to crushing the toughest competition.

He left a lucrative engineering career behind when he dropped out of the prestigious CalTech, but he proved that he has what it takes to make it as a big time poker pro. He doesn’t love being in front of the camera like some other famous pros like Antonio Esfandiari, but that doesn’t stop him from playing the biggest televised tournaments.

For what it’s worth, he’s also into cryptocurrencies and sees the potential that they have to revolutionize the way we play poker online.

A Master of Prop Bets

Huck is also known for his outrageous prop bets with other poker legends like Phil Hellmuth. He bet Hellmuth that he could stay under 89 kilograms for an entire 3 year period, and Hellmuth can ask for a weighing at any time. If Seed wins, then Hellmuth pays him $10k each month. If he goes over, then Huck has to pay up that 10 grand.

Photo: PokerNews

And that’s just the start of it. He’s walked over 30 miles in a single day in over 100 degrees Fahrenheit heat, raced a mile in a little over 4 minutes, and even bet $50,000 that he could stand in the ocean for 18 straight hours—he only lasted three.

He even once bet that he wouldn’t have his beard for a full year. He lasted 9 months, but when one of his relatives died, he shaved it off to look respectable at the funeral. There’s a man who knows his priorities.

A Quiet Humor

His personality isn’t big or flashy, but he has his own quiet way of ridiculing people and having a laugh that has a charm of its own. In a video called Huck Seed is not excited to be interviewed, he has a good time messing with the interviewer about what name to call him.

He may be very competitive at the poker table like any true shark, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t occasionally make a joke or engage in some banter.


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