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Patch 4.7.10 Notes

Fortune is coming your way! Celebrating the Year of Ox with buddies in Pokerrrr and get ready to win some in 2021 with the Lunar New Year bundle. In this patch, refresh your luck with the Abare Ushi XXI (Chip-Con), Nameplate XXI, and 50,000 Chips, some new features in Open-face Chinese (OFC) and Private Game Record, improved Club UI, and minor bugs fixed!

Lunar New Year Bundle

Get good fortune blessings with the limited Lunar New Year bundle from February 8th to February 22nd! Greet your friends and opponents with a brand new in-game set to gain some prosperity!


  • OFC adds an auto-reload chips function.

  • Private game record adds end time feature.

  • Optimized Club UI.

Bugs Fixed

  • Minor bugs fixed

Remember to link the account to Facebook to save the records!

See you in Pokerrrr!

We understand there is a risk of erasing Guest accounts when updating patches. Please link the accounts before updating the app for data protection. We will not be able to retrieve the account if the account is erased.

For more information, please visit https://www.pokerrrrapp.com/.


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