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Top 5 Reasons You Might Be Losing

Is your poker game on a downswing? Wondering what could be going wrong and how to break out of the cycle? These are the top 5 reasons that you could be losing at poker.

#5: Bad Luck

It happens to everyone. Poker is a game of variance, and sometimes you’re going to lose even when you make the right plays—and sometimes that’s going to happen over and over. You’re also going to make mistakes, and that’s perfectly normal.

However, bad luck is #5 on our list for a reason. While it does happen, especially over a low sample size, you might need to look at the later reasons on our list if you’ve been losing for a month or more.

#4: You’re Too Predictable

If your poker game usually includes the same people, then you need to mix it up to prevent yourself from being too predictable. This is especially true if you used to beat the game but you’ve started losing recently.

Maybe your opponents have leveled up their game, but what’s more likely is that you need to focus on your own play and find some balance. Don’t always bluff the same spots, change your frequencies, and keep your opponents on edge.

#3: The Games are Too Tough

Table selection is a crucial part of being a winning poker player. There’s a famous saying: it doesn’t matter if you’re the 8th best poker player in the world if you’re playing against the best seven players.

When you sit down or log in, look around the table. If you can’t spot the sucker, then you are the sucker—and you better run away.

#2: Poor Fundamentals

If you haven’t mastered the nitty gritty of how to play poker, you’re never going to be a winning player. Fundamentals like ranges, pot-odds, and equity are pivotal to your success.

Keep studying poker. And, of course, keep reading our articles!

#1: Tilt

A weak mental game is a weak game. If you can’t handle the pressure or deal with losses, then you can’t win at poker. It’s really that simple.

Too many people keep playing after they’re losing, hoping to “break even” or chasing that win, but they just tilt off more and more. If your head isn’t in the game, then don’t play the game. Be present in the situation. Focus. Maintain your calm.

Keep our cool and stop tilting.


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