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Start Betting Like A Pro in Pokerrrr 2

Player shuffling chips

Introduction This post will talk about Pokerrrr’s betting settings and hopefully help players become more consistent at betting. The betting settings in Pokerrrr have been available for a long time, but we believe some players are yet to fully utilize their benefits. They can be accessed by any player while in-game. Simply tap the settings button in the top right corner then scroll to the bottom to view them.

Flipping Sensitivity

Betting and folding may feel either too hard or too easy for some players. We created the options easy, medium and hard to let our players decide which is best. For example, setting “Hard” would make it less likely to accidentally bet or fold, since speedy movement is required to take action.

Betting Settings in Pokerrrr featuring "Flipping sensitivity"

Further Customisation

Tapping on the yellow buttons under “Betting options” allows them to be modified to your personal preference.

Pre-flop (BB): Every player’s style is unique. The amount of BBs (big blinds) to bet pre-flop varies depending on the player. Players' betting amounts may be influenced by a number of factors. For example: playing with two or more other players in the pot may increase the amount of BBs a player will bet pre-flop. Having these regular betting amounts hot-keyed saves valuable action time.

Betting Settings in Pokerrrr featuring "Pre-flop (BB)"

Post-flop (Pot %): A percentage of the pot is what we feel players usually go off when considering a post-flop bet. Many players' post-flop bets are based on a percentage of the pot. Feel free to customize a low, medium, and high percentage that fits your play.

Raise times (x): We feel players usually think of raising as a multiple of the other player’s bet (hence the “x”). You can fine-tune all these settings to the nearest decimal place.

Betting Settings in Pokerrrr featuring "Raise times"

Betting The Exact Amount You Want

If you are looking for a way to easily bet a specific amount (or a round number like 100 or 200), tap the number pad at the bottom left side of the betting slider. From here, key in the exact amount you would like.

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