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A Casino in Your Pocket: Playing Your Favorite Games on Cherrio Box

Ready to dive into all your favorite casino games? The Cherrio Box gives you a new way to party by letting you use any big-screen as a roulette wheel, a blackjack table, a baccarat table, and more.

Let’s go over some crowd favorites that you can play at your next party. You can check them all out for free @ -

Cherrio Casino:

Google Play - http://bit.ly/2HMVlin

Cherrio Blackjack

Nothing says excitement at the casino like a game of blackjack. In this classic game, players place bets and compete against the ‘house’ to get a hand that is closest to 21 without ‘busting’ and going over.

Once you set up the rules for the game, such as the minimum and maximum bet, up to five of your friends can join the table. After placing bets, each person, including the dealer, is dealt out two cards.

Then, players decide whether to ‘hit’ and get another card or ‘stand’ and hope that their cards are higher than the dealer’s. A player can ‘hit’ as many times as they want, but, if their cards pass 21, then they automatically lose. You have to be careful!

Once all players have busted or chosen to stand, then the dealer plays and shows their hand. If the dealer busts, then all players win. If not, then whoever has a higher hand the dealer wins.

Cherrio Roulette

The game begins by the host by setting up the game, choosing the max/min bets and whether to auto-rotate.

Each player will then see a roulette board come up on their screen. By selecting different denominations of chips and pressing on the board, players can place their bets exactly how they like.

Once everyone is ready, it’s time to spin! The host can then click the ‘spin’ button, and, once the ball drops, then bets are automatically paid out to the winners. This is an easy and fun way to play roulette at any party.


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