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Firing the Triple Barrel Bluff

The triple barrel bluff is one of the hardest moves to execute. Not only do you need to pick the right spot, but you also need the guts to pull the trigger.

A triple barrel bluff involves firing three bluffs, one on the flop, one on the turn, and one on the river. Since bet-sizing scales exponentially in NLHE, this is a high-risk, high-reward play. You’ll either win a bunch of chips when you force the fold on the river, or you’ll lose to a brave call.

That’s why knowing how and when to triple barrel is key to using this aggressive strategy.

Tell a Believable Story

First, we need to tell a believable story if we want any chance of succeeding in our bluff. That means that we should carefully consider the flop and runouts to make sure they are good for our perceived range.

For instance, if we make a big bet pre-flop, then we might not even want to make a continuation bet if the flop brings only small cards. This is because our range has so many big cards.

However, if the flop comes AJT, then we’re much more likely to bet because it hits our range so hard. If a K or Q comes out on the turn or river, then our conditions improve even more.

Since our range is so much stronger, it’ll be hard to call that big bet on the river.

Don’t Try This Against Calling Stations

If your opponent never folds, then there’s no point trying to bluff them off the hand. They may call you down with a low pair just because they have a hand and can’t bear to fold it.

The easiest way to lose chips when bluffing is to try these moves against players who never fold. To give ourselves the highest chance of success, we always want to try this move against tighter players that are willing to give up a hand.

The triple barrel bluff is a valuable tool in your poker arsenal. It lets you win chips with complete air. If done correctly, it will improve your win-percentage and make you into a more formidable poker player.

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