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Poker Stories: Daniel Negreanu’s World Series of Poker, Part 2

Poker Legend Daniel Negreanu is vlogging each and every day of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) on his YouTube channel, and we’re loving the ride. Not only is it fascinating to see the day-by-day life of one of poker’s biggest stars, but the action also can’t be beat!

Now, let’s jump in atday 28. He’s already down over $1 million for the series, but that’s not stopping him from getting up each day ready to give it his all.

Photo: takmihan.com

Battling Phil Ivey

On day 2 of the 50k Players Championship mixed game event, D-negs sits down with one of the most feared and respected players to ever sit at a poker table: Poker Legend Phil Ivey.

“He’s so good… He’s focused like nobody you’ve ever seen!” says Negreanu. “He sees everything. I wish I could focus like him, but I don’t have that gene.”

That focus is put to the test when they play a big pot together in No Limit Hold ‘Em. The action folds around to Negreanu on the button who has Jh9d with the pot at 9k chips and Ivey with 3k in as the BB. Negs raises it up to 8k and Ivey defends.

The flop brings 7s4h3s, so Negreanu has nothing. Ivey checks, and Negreanu decides to make the continuation bet to 12k. Ivey calls, and D-Negs later explains that “He calls really wide from the BB, so he could have a lot of hands that just fold here, and if not we could still have some plans.”

The turn is the 6d, giving Negreanu a gutshot in addition to his hand blocking 89, but at the same time he realizes that any 4 makes the straight. Ivey checks, and Negreanu thinks “If I had a 4, I’d probably bet half pot, so that’s what I do,” making the bet of 22k. Ivey calls again.

The river is the Td, and Ivey checks one last time. Negreanu is holding a pair of napkins, but he decides to fire the 65k triple barrel bluff. To his dismay, Ivey snap calls with K4o: the straight.

“We lost that pot, but we’re fighting,” said Negreanu. “Lesson 1: don’t try to bluff Phil Ivey, especially when he has a straight!”

Still, he definitely admires the man for his ability to see through him and to be such a great ambassador for the game. “He’s the greatest that ever played, and playing with him is a pleasure and an honor,” concludes Negreanu.

In the end, he makes it to day 3 of the Players Championship 50k, grinding away and chipping up a small stack, before eventually busting out. At least he was in the money for this event, and it’s not long before he enters his next tournament: the 10k short deck NLHE.


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