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Poker Stories: Misclick

If you’ve played any amount of online poker, you know how disastrous a misclick can be. When you accidentally fold the nuts or go all-in by accident, it’s hard not to go on tilt and blame your bad luck. But what if a misclick could actually be the thing that propels you to the top?

That’s exactly what happened to Asher Conniff, who’s online alias is, coincidentally, misclick. This is the story of how it went down.

An Up and Coming Kid

Asher was in his early 20’s when he had his first big success in a poker tournament, winning a breakout $200,000. It was big money for him at the time, and it inspired him to take his poker career to the next level.

When he went online to play some more poker, he meant to play one of his regular tournaments to grind it out, but accidentally pressed the wrong button and entered a satellite tournament for the 2015 World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship. Having already bought, he figure that he’d give it a shot— and he won it all, meaning he now had a seat at this prestigious tournament.

The problem was that he couldn’t even go to the tournament if he wanted to. His family had been planning for months to go on a big trip together to Europe, and it was at the exact same time as the poker tournament. Unwilling to put poker above his family, he resigned himself to give up the seat and enjoy the holiday.

Photo: WPT

The Big Win

Right before they were supposed to leave for the trip, his mom rang him on the phone. She told him about a dream that she had the night before. She said that she saw him winning the tournament, and she knew that it was fate—he had to enter the tournament! Well, there was no way Asher was going to get out of it now.

Long story short, he ended up having a crazy run at the WPT and found himself with 2nd in chips at the final table. He went on to win the tournament, earning $973,683, a Hublot Oceanographic 4000 Watch, a pair of gold Monster 24k Headphone, and the coveted WPT Champions Trophy. He also automatically qualified for the next season’s WPT World Championship.

Not bad luck for a misclick.


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