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Poker Stories: Three-Way All-In With the NUTS!

Is there any better feeling than getting your entire stack in the middle when you’re holding the nuts? The only way that it can get better is if two other players are also willing to shove it in and you know that you’re about to win big.

That’s exactly what happened to PokerfaceAsh, a popular poker vlogger with over 13,000 subscribers, when she hosted a meetup game at the Gila River Hotel & Casino in Lone Butte. Not only did she win the biggest pot of her life, but she got the joy of crushing some of her biggest fans. Now that’s the stuff that poker dreams are made of.

Here’s how the action went down.

The Big Hand

Villain one starts the action by raising to $15 from early position, and villain two 3-bets to $50 from the button. The hero wakes up with KK on the big blind and decides to put in the cold 4-bet for $135. Both villains call her bet, and they’ve already got a massive pot brewing as they head into the flop.

The dealer turns over 9h, 6s, Ks, giving Ash top set. Since she’s the first to act, she makes the continuation bet of $100. Apparently also getting a piece of the action, villain 1 raises to $200, and, even more incredibly, villain 2 makes the raise to $400. Our hero knows she has them totally crushed and can barely control her excitement. Not wanting to give anything away and wanting to keep them in the pot, she decides to go for the cold call.

The action goes back to villain 1, who decides to go all-in for his last $200. The dealer sets aside that pot as Ash and the player on the button go to the next street.

The turn brings the 10h, a total blank. Ash smells blood and is ready to go all-in, so she bets the max for the game, another $200. The button makes the call.

On the river, they get the Jd, potentially making a straight if any of them have a queen. Ash ain’t worried though, since a straight draw probably would have already folded, as she puts the last $200 of her stack into the middle. The button calls and gets the bad news. The hero flips her kings, showing top set, and she finds out that she beat pocket nines (a set) and AK (top pair, top kicker).

It’s a super cooler, and she picks up the pot. At the end of the day, Ash started with a stack of $750 and ended up with $2,595 for a total profit of $1,845. Not a bad win at all!


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